-  Jun 26, 2012
Detailed Description:
15T-30T heavy duty forklift of ourselves researched and made, replace of low-level forklift loader and expensive high-level heavy duty forklift, higher cost-performance, higher rate of return on investment, which get rid of disadvantage of forklift loader as following: working pump heated easily, Bearing strength of tyres are insufficient seriously, tumbling easily, supporting axle fracture because of insufficient axle load, and exist serious dangerous of clamp disc braking with increasing weight from body weight and loading weight. We only make responsible products to our customers. Their vertical lifting height with loading can reach to 3.4m or more, improving the ground clearance, strengthening the off-road performance, well used in quarries, stone factory, port and storage yard working, hoisting and transporting, load and unload, rental service, steel industry etc. Welcome inquiry and looking forward to our long cooperation soon.

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