Passenger Elevator

  -  Jul 22, 2012
Detailed Description:
Home/Villa Elevator SN-BS05 From luxurious design to nearly infinite customization,they provide the unique residential elevator that is truly desired.Sanei acess offers both two-floor compact models and spacious multi-story models. 1. The construction of invisible well space Adopting dragging structure which can save the upper space compared with the traditional hanging and hydraulic pressure elevator.No loading structure is needed on the top of the well with the cost-saving dragging structure on the bottom.It can also simplify the building structure;underlying dragging system help you put your innovation into practice. 2. Environmental-Green home elevator. The elevator adopts 220v power;the host power is less than 3kw,and the actual serving power is less than 1.63kw.Low energy-consumption,safe frequency conversion gate opener which is controlled by the microcomputer adopts IPM frequency conversion power, and has the protection circuit inside.It also has the self-study function. 3. The realization of shock absorption The safe dragging system can ensure the elevator not fall down because of earthquake or fire disasters.The dragging structure can reduce the shock and make you in the elevator feel more comfortable.

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