Automatic wet wipes machine

  -  May 8, 2017
Place of Origin: tunisia
Model Number: TACHMACHINES0012
Brand Name: tachmachines
Certification: Other
Price Terms: euro
Packing: yeh
Payment Terms: bank
Delivery Time: 10 days
Minimum Orders: 23
Detailed Product Description:
Automatic wet wipes machine
- For maximum 16 reels
- Maximum reel diameter: 1200 mm
- Maximum axe diameter: 7,5 mm
- 4 m conveyors with cylinder to produce wipes in 1 to 8 folds
Die cutter station
Electric hoist: up to 100 kg
Automatic wrapper:
- Longitudinal welding performed by Teflon wheels
- Resistance welding jaws with cutting blade.
- Datepress with an inkjet printer.
- Cylinder grooves for perforation
- Labeling machine for placing self-adhesive ticks
3 servomotor

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