Solid underground mining tyre

  -  Jun 19, 2014
Brief Description:
Product features: 1.Safety: 2.Persistence USE 3.Widely used OEM is available, develop various standard and non-standard tires;

Expiry Date: Jun 19, 2014
Detailed Description:
POLYURETHANE SOLID TIRES Spec Pattern Tread depth(mm) Over diamiter(mm) Section Width(mm) Max Loading(kg) 8km/h 15km/h 56x22 HX-941 40 1423 550 28000 60x22 HX-942 40 1516 470 25000 48x22 HX-942 40 1210 550 28000 54x26 HX-942 50 1356 710 32000 69x18 HX-942 50 1750 460 32000 69x22.5 HX-942 50 1750 570 32000 52x25 HX-943 40 1340 634 30000 Special tyre technology solutions: 1. Supply our clients with various of tyres for severe work environment, eliminate security risks of flat tyre and puncture resistance, greatly improve the safety factor , avoid the considerable economic losses which caused by this kind of risk. 2. Supply our clients with the best specification and designing scheme for the tyre and rim, and high quality tyre filling service. 3. Supply our clients with installation technology servic and maintenance management solution. 4. Provide technical support for after-sales tyres. Give clients practical analysis and solutions of the problems while using our tyres. 5. Actively cooperate with mported equipment use the localization of the tyre, reduce the costs of importe equipment and increase the use efficiency. 6. Using our professional technology and experience to hep our clients reduce the production costs and maximize the production efficiency. Strength guarantee: 1.Leading technology reaserch and development team; 2.Perfect after-sales service system; 3.20 years\' deep accumulation; 4.36 maketing networks al over the country; 5.General agency for Michelin underground mining tyres in China. We can also supply you with:Tire of Bucyrus underground Mining Machines , Tire of Industrea long-wall Mining Machines, Tires of Joy Underground Mining Machines , Tires of Sandvik underground mining machines ,etc.

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