portable mountain drilling rig

  -  Oct 6, 2014
Brief Description:
portable mountain drilling rig 1.Technical support, guide 2.Excellent quality 3.Fast drilling speed 4.Good price, service

Expiry Date: Oct 6, 2014
Detailed Description:
If you major in anchorage projects, pls contact me! Drill rig device, drill hard rock, gravel and soft soil are all ok, top technology, can rotary drill hole, drill 360 degree. 1. Main Features 1. ZSDL-160 hydraulic anchoring drilling rig is based on our years construction experience, after using various types of anchor drilling rigs, we develop it. 2. Low speed high torque hydraulic motor transmit torque directly, large cylinder speed feeding, big promoting force, good base plate tank heat dissipation, reliable performance of hydraulic system. With advantages such as concise and compact structure, safe and reliable, short auxiliary time, flexible response, operate and maintain simple and convenient etc. Drilling rock in ideal drilling speed among Platts hardness coefficient f=6~15. 3. In all kinds of complex formation and different drilling methods, the excellent punching performance obtained the construction unit and peers’ acceptance. 2. Application 1. Power station, highway, railway mountain slope treatment, anchor cable reinforcement. 2. Tunnel pipe shed advance support, subway, underground supermarket etc. 3. Foundation pit cable-stayed pile anchor cable, anti floating anchor rod. 4. Ground source heat pump wells, subgrade strengthening. 5. Dam foundation and dam body anti-seepage treatment, drainage hole. 6. Mines and quarries blasting hole, micro pile hole etc. 3. Advantages 1. It can drilling with casing, spiral drilling, open hole drilling. (domestic unique) 2. Load feedback system with less energy consumption, more energy saving. 3. Large torque, anti-sticking. 4. Deep depth, big diameter. 5. With rotary chassis, can construct at any angle. 6. Mast lift, can horizontally lift reach 3.6m high, if inclined, it can reach 4.9m. 7. We can do OEM, we can modify our drilling rig as per your demand. 8. We have independent R&D department, with independent intellectual property rights, and ensure the sustainable upgrading. 9. We have strong construction technology and professional construction team, we can guide customers to solve their construction problems.

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