product line of drip tape with cylinder dripper

  -  Nov 20, 2014
Brief Description:
product line of drip tape with cylinder dripper ISO9001:2008 certification factory

Expiry Date: Nov 20, 2014
Detailed Description:
Machine introduction This drip tape production machine is researched and developed by our company. We hold national patent for producing this machine. World class skills are appliced for technical support. With it, you can make drip tape in different specification based on low cost and invest. By advantages of high price-performance ratio, it will be a good choice for drip tape production business. What makes up the machine: 1 Main extruder system 2 Vice extruder system 3 Vacuum sizer 4 Cooling channel 5 Punching machine 6 Traction machine 7 Automatic winding machine 8 Power box Why choose this machine: 1. Fast production speed: 60-120 m/minute; 2. Drip tape in different specification are available from only one machine. 3. Italy technology for right angle extruder nose, producing well-formed thickness and avoiding back pressure. The thickness are reached 0.15~0.6mm. 4. The strip emitter molding machine is made of stainless steel, with cooling system both inside and outside. The molding unit can be changed for different emitter specification. This unit has advantages of rustless, anti-adhesion, clear shape, fast speed and minimum deviation. 5. Swiss type vacuum sizer and cooling channel. It is made by stainless steel, with stable operation performance. 6. Constant water surroundings for cooling the drip tape. It does good for shape forming. 7. The water is recycle used in the system, for purpose of save water, easy operation and reduce production cost. 8. The special type dryer, at end of the cooling channel, is equipped for drying drip tape surface. 9. The high-precision punching machine can reach 500 times per minute. It is user-friendly and easy to operate; 10. The traction machine will avoid products damage under pressure and reduce traction belt abrasion. The belt is adjustable when producing different diameter drip tape. 11. The winding machine can enwind tapes, exchange rolls and make a cut automatically. It starts alarm if roll length is finished or in case of accidents. When unqualified products appears, the machine will change the roll automatically. 12. We adopt Magnetic heating method for saving energy and time by 50%. 13. Solo detecting skills for drip tape appearance chec. It gives exact sensitive signal for auto detection and alarm. Besides, the system sets alarm in occasion of missed punch. 14. The extruder is placed in length direction with the production line, to save space and easy operation.

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