Chicken meat bone separators

  -  Aug 31, 2015
Brief Description:
A machanical equipment which using a low pressure technique to remove meat from skeleton of poultry, further get muddly flesh and bone residues.

Expiry Date: Aug 31, 2015
Detailed Description:
Application and Usage: Widely used for deboning chicken, hen, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon, fish and other poultry. which separate bones from skeleton of poultry, chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon, fish and other poultry. Apply for meat processing factory, meat cold storage processing, slaughtering processing factory. Ideal chicken meat deboning machine for get meat paste and muddy flesh, further making ham sausage, meat ball and other meat food. Characteristics: Use the SUS304 stainless steel in line with international food standard. Frequency conversion control, speed can be adjustable. Low rotation speed, small temperature rise and easy maintenance Easy taking apart and cleaning, low maintenance cost Calcium content in fished products lower than 0.03%, meat fiber not destroyed. Mechanically separated meat or poultry Highly flexible capacity Requires significantly less skill in manual deboning Improves manual labor efficiency up to 100% Improved labor conditions Optimal hygiene Technical parameters: Model:TLY-300 Function : Chicken Deboning Capacity (Kg/h):200~300 Output Speed (r/ min):110 Power (KW):3 KW Feed Structure:Single Screw Rod Feed Screw Rod:80 Control System :Button Control Drive Structure:Direct connection between motor and reducer Reducer:TKAF Reducer Speed Ratio of Reducer:12.5 Machine Body:Stainless Pipe Welding Bunker (mm):450*300 Output part (mm):200*360 Output Type:Stacked blade type No.s of Blades:85 Packaging for shipment:Wooden Case for shipment Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm):1100*450*1000 Why Us? Competitive prices Reliable and reputed vendor base Team of adept professionals Optimum quality products Customization capabilities On-time deliveries Quality packaging. Our Services Good aftersale service would be provided for machine good runing and clients\' well operating. Contact us Skype:anna1516172 Mobel: 15054189085 Telephone number:+86 0531 88918498

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