TICO electric wood pellet mill

  -  Apr 28, 2018
Brief Description:
Mobile flat die pellet machine driven by electric motor. The largest production is 250-400kg/h. Small size, simple operation, adapt to various materials, suitable for home use.

Expiry Date: Apr 28, 2018
Detailed Description:
Electric pellet machine 150-300B is a small-size, mobile flat die pellet machine. It is driven by a 3-phase electric motor. The power ranges from 5.5kw to 22kw. The production capacity is from 50-100kg/h to 250-400kg/h. It is equipped with 4 wheels that enable you move it to anywhere easily. Different from electric pellet machine 150-300C, this type has the electric motor half covered. This design contributes to thermal dissipation, and save the production cost. So this is a portable and economical type for home use and small-scale production. mobile pellet machinemobile pellet mill Pellet machine is used to make high-density wood pellets with sawdust, straw, rice husk, barks and other biomass materials. As a green and renewable energy, wood pellets are used in home heating, central heating, industrial boiler and electric generator. The application of wood pellets can save energy and reduce air pollution. It has become an important energy source in developed countries.

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